Muhammad Usman

Muhammad Usman

Academy Manager

Muhammad Usman serves as a Manager at Fakhar Zaman Academy. He has built enduring connections across local and state leagues in each state because of his playing experience. He is in charge of managing and carrying out the strategic projects for members and stakeholders of Fakhar Zaman Academy that are handled on a consulting basis. All Sports Competition Structure Reviews, Board Governance Development Programs, Regional Facility Sport & Recreational Strategies, and the Commercialization of Sports Participation Programs are managed by him.

Muhammad Usman has a strong interest in the person who supports the player. From there, he may think of ways to help players on and off the field, giving attention to their needs. Because of his breadth of experience, he can relate to players and their families and offer first-hand knowledge, support, and expertise. Muhammad Usman is passionate about growing both personally and professionally. Outside of work, Usman is committed to growing grassroots cricket in Mardan. He is passionate about FZA goals and steadfast work toward making it the number one academy of Pakistan for youngsters.

He cherishes his clients by working with them with enthusiasm, compassion, and honesty and has a deep passion for cricket. He also takes part in socially acceptable sports and leisure activities including squash, golf, and tennis. Junaid works with his customers to put into practice his firm belief that athletes need consistency and organization off the field in order to be the best professionals on it.